MoMA Announces Björk Retrospective

Björk has long been as much a part of the art world as the music one; she did, after all, end up boo’ed up with Matthew Barney, rather than Tricky or Goldie. And next year, New York’s Museum Of Modern Art will present a retrospective of Björk’s entire career. For the exhibition, Björk co-wrote a “narrative” with Icelandic author Sjón Sigurdsson, and according to a press release, it will be “both biographical and imaginatively fictitious.” It’ll also include Björk’s past collaborations with tons of different artists: Video directors, fashion designers, photographers, and others. And it will feature newly commissioned music from Björk and video that she put together with director Andrew Huang and 3D designers Autodesk. The exhibit, titled simply Björk, comes to MoMA 3/7 of next year, and it’ll run through to 6/7.

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