Billy Corgan’s Memoir Is Shaping Up To Be Half A Million Words

Billy Corgan’s Memoir Is Shaping Up To Be Half A Million Words

A post on the Smashing Pumpkins website offers an update on Billy Corgan’s new “spiritual memoir” God Is Everywhere From Here To There. Here’s the whole of it:

Hello friends, a short status update on my book-in-progress, ‘GOD IS EVERYWHERE FROM HERE TO THERE.’

A few days prior I crossed the 200,000 word threshold, convinced that the midway point of said opus had been reached. But this was not so, as only 5 of 12 intended sections have been covered. Had I forgotten to count? No, it was just that section 5 was so long and intense an experience to spin-out that it *felt like a conclusion of sorts. So all this means is that I’m only a few weeks behind, and intend to make the correct (and anticipated) announcement 4 weeks hence.

General indications are that the book will eventually clock in at a half million words. Too many I say; but sadly, never enough.


The post also includes a recording of Corgan’s appearance on The Big Questions, a podcast run by The Highland Park News, the local newspaper for which Corgan recently served as guest editor. He discusses his memoir as well as the two upcoming Pumpkins records, his infamous cat photo, Twitter, and lots of stuff that’s probably only relevant to residents of Highland Park, Illinois. Listen below.

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images.]

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