Vashti Bunyan Announces Third Album Heartleap

Not unlike Linda Perhacs, who had an incredible return this year, Vashti Bunyan was an artist who released her only album in 1970 with little fanfare but gradually, patiently, over decades became something of a legend. Her debut, Just Another Diamond Day, is now considered a classic. After returning to music as a hero to many contemporary artists in 2005 with the collaborative Animal Collective EP, Prospect Hummer, she released the very good sophomore album Lookaftering 35 years after her debut. Now Bunyan has announced her third album, titled Heartleap, and it sounds even more exciting. Lookaftering had all the qualities of a long-overdue return and had the personnel to match: Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Robert Kirby, and produced by Max Richter. Heartleap, on the other hand, was mostly recorded and produced by Bunyan herself, alone in her home studio, Pitchfork reports. No other details yet, but this is really something to look forward to.

Heartleap will be released by FatCat.