Rustie – “Raptor”

For many people (myself included), Rustie was just about the best thing to happen to electronic music in 2011. His debut album, Glass Swords, was a baffling, completely alien piece of music, and though we enjoyed the Essential Mix, then last year’s single on Numbers’ “Slasherr” and his production work on Danny Brown’s incredible album Old, there had been no news of a follow-up. Now that’s changed. Green Language, which will feature Brown, will be released 8/26 via Warp. Listen to the first single, “Raptor” below, along with an album teaser and tracklist.

01 “Workship”
02 “A Glimpse”
03 “Raptor”
04 “Paradise Stone”
05 “Up Down” [ft. D Double E]
06 “Attak” [ft. Danny Brown]
07 “Tempest”
08 “He Hate Me” [ft. Gorgeous Children]
09 “Velcro”
10 “Lost” [ft. Redinho]
11 “Dream On”
12 “Lets Spiral”
13 “Green Language”