Liam Betson – “The Primordial Will”

If the name Liam Betson sounds a little familiar, it’s probably because he’s spent the past few years slowly building up a fanbase through lo-fi recordings under the name Liam The Younger. Oh, and he was the guitarist for Titus Andronicus before leaving the band this past summer. He’s back with another full-length, this time released under his real name. The Cover Of Hunter is his first solo effort recorded in a real studio and features contributions from Patrick Stickles and Julian Lynch. It’s a beautiful and deeply personal record, warm and muted. “The Primordial Will” is a highlight. Don’t be fooled by Liam’s monotone cadence: nothing about this is lazy. Please click through the embed and take a look at the lyrics while you listen — it reads like poetry, layered and haunting, punctuated by exclamations and asides. My favorite bit is this: “Intersecting wills in a dark and crowded room/ where voices whisper who’s sleeping with whom/ hiding hands beneath tables like charms in a tomb/ for an itch to exhume and then posture improves/ as the ego in you begins to blossom and bloom/ –the image is renewed!” Listen below.

The Cover Of Hunter is out on 7/22 via Double Double Whammy.

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