Mirror Kisses – “Bleed” (Stereogum Premiere)

Richmond, VA artist George Clanton, who makes glammed-out synth music under the moniker Mirror Kisses, deserves attention after last year’s album Heartbeats. He impresses both live and on record, showcased especially by the centerpiece of Heartbeats, “Genius,” which recently got a music video showing off just how intense the guy is as a performer. It also highlights the frustrations of the genre tag chillwave, because musically that’s what we’re dealing with, but again and again Clanton performs like his life is on the line. His newest single, “Bleed,” works like a pressure cooker as he sings with a heart-on-sleeve rawness that “someone else can make you happy” leading to “But not like I do. Not like me.” The tension grows until the two-minute mark when his voice makes the entire track ignite in a burst of feeling. Listen to it below and if you’re in New York don’t miss him play at Bowery Electric this Wednesday, 6/25.

Mirror Kisses – “Bleed”

You can get “Bleed” as a name your price download here.