United Nations – “Meanwhile On Main Street”

Back when he was still the frontman of Thursday, Geoff Rickly also led United Nations, a mysterious side project that also, at various points, included members of hardcore bands like Converge and Glassjaw. Now that Thursday is no more, United Nations have become more of a full-time concern. Rickly has overhauled the band’s lineup, which now includes members of Pianos Become The Teeth, and they’ve recorded The Next Four Years, a sprawling and intense slab of ambitious, blown-out hardcore. First single “Serious Business” was an absolute monster, and now they’ve shared the heaving, windblown “Meanwhile On Main Street,” a song that lurches into hyperdrive and then stays there. It sounds like Thursday if Thursday had sounded like Deafheaven, and it’s awesome. Listen below.

The Next Four Years is out 7/15 on Temporary Residence.