No Devotion – “Stay”

Imagine being one of the other guys in Lostprophets. Last year, Ian Watkins, the frontman of the Welsh nu-metal band, was convicted of vile, unspeakable sex offenses. He literally tried to rape babies. Multiple times. And I guess his bandmates had no idea that he was an absolute monster? Those guys considered quitting music entirely, but instead they formed a new band called No Devotion, and they found an unlikely new frontman in Geoff Rickly, formerly of Thursday, who now leads the experimental hardcore band United Nations. (We posted their hellacious single “United Nations Vs. United Nations” earlier today.) Rickly claims he never listened to Lostprophets, but he liked these guys, and he teamed up with them to make music worlds away from what he’s doing with United Nations. The debut single for the new band is “Stay,” a grand and rousing synth-rock track that Dave Fridmann mixed. It might be the slickest track that Rickly has ever been associated with. Listen to it below.

(via Billboard)

The band’s “Stay” b/w “Eyeshadow” is out now digitally and 7/21 on 12″ vinyl, via Rickly’s Collect Records.