Take Over And Destroy – “Summer Isle” (Stereogum Premiere)

You might know Arizona death ‘n’ roll band Take Over And Destroy by the acronymical version of their handle: TOAD. Or you might remember that the band self-released their debut LP, Endless Night, last summer — or how that album’s fucking amazing lead single, “Howling House,” topped our list of June 2013’s best new metal songs in the Black Market. You might be familiar with them because you saw Endless Night at #30 on our list of 2013’s 50 Best Metal Albums. Or you might have seen them last year when they toured the States with Swedish doom/death band Agrimonia. In any case, you might already know Take Over And Destroy, or you might not know them, but either way, you should skip these words and just hit play on the song below, because it does a better job asserting the band’s awesomeness than I possibly could.

While you’re listening, though, you can read this: “Summer Isle” is the first single to be released from Take Over And Destroy’s forthcoming second LP (and third release overall, including the 2011 EP, Rotten Tide), Vacant Face. It is, once again, self-released, which means lotsa good labels are sleeping when they should be throwing contracts around. The band are officially no longer going by TOAD, which is probably the right move, although frankly I find both variations of the moniker to accurately represent the group’s massive, gnarly sound, which has the hard, violent kick of peak Entombed, combined with elements of occult doom. It’s physical music, the kind of thing that you feel in your temples and solar plexus. It’s also fun music — it’s catchy and propulsive and inviting; I find myself comparing them frequently to the ass-kicking Norwegian band Kvelertak, or that band’s predecessors, Turbonegro, and I’m pretty certain fans of those bands would also be fans of Take Over And Destroy. But that sort of background isn’t essential — Take Over And Destroy make it real easy to jump right in and start throwing elbows. “Summer Isle” showcases the many facets of Take Over And Destroy’s sound: the pile-driving, crazily sweet-sounding guitars; the “spooky” organs; the push-pull, pugilistic grooves; and Andrew Leemont’s scorching vocals, which kind of lurch from a Pete Steele thing to a L.G. Petrov thing. It’s a great song on a great album, and if you’re still reading and not listening, you should listen right now. If you’ve already listened once, listen again.

Vacant Face is out 8/19 via Take Over And Destroy.