Little Dragon – “Pretty Girls” Video (Dir. Nabil)

The video for “Klapp Klapp,” the first single from idiosyncratic Swedish pop group Little Dragon’s new album Nabuma Rubberband, was a story of witchcraft and zombies. Nabil, the current reigning visionary in the music-video field, didn’t direct that video, but he did serve as creative director. And now Nabil has directed that video’s follow-up. Little Dragon’s clip for “Pretty Girls” is a straight-up sequel, starting in that same mysterious graveyard where the “Klapp Klapp’ video ended but going in some unexpected directions. Most of the clip, in fact, takes place at what appears to be a cartel-sponsored beauty pageant, and Nabil lays the atmosphere on thick. Watch it below.

Nabuma Rubberband is out now on Loma Vista.