Ryan Adams Reluctantly Talks Vinyl To Old Millionaires At Exclusive NYC Club

A nondescript building in midtown Manhattan is home to the Core Club, a members-only organization that prides itself on being a “democratic place,” one where even you can get in if you can afford its hefty membership fees. It’s meant to be a respite from other luxury clubs of its type that thrive off of bloodlines and old money — Business Insider calls it the “anti-WASP club.” Member perks include a fitness center, spa, dining room, satellite office, and a private screening room. Another new amenity is an $80,000 McIntosh stereo system that’s on loan to the Club. To unveil the new addition, the Club hosted a conversation with Chuck Klosterman, Ryan Adams, and Norah Jones. For an undisclosed (but probably very large) appearance fee, Klosterman interviewed the two artists about their favorite songs, which were then played on vinyl on the $10,000 turntable that comes with the stereo system.

The Wall Street Journal reports: “The interview began awkwardly, although that may have been entirely due to Mr. Adams’s deadpan manner, constant and zealous use of profanity and exaltation of marijuana, a passion likely not shared by all members of the audience. (Many appeared to be over the age of 65.)” Adams seemed to mess with the audience (whose average net worth is in the eight figures) just a little bit, talking about how he had bought a book about Vietnam earlier that day and how he hated ice cream.

Adams’ wife Mandy Moore was standing in the back of the room, muttering that he only hated ice cream because he was lactose intolerant. And in case you were wondering what the pop singer and A Walk To Remember star thought about her husband’s much-discussed metal collection: “Not that I can necessarily differentiate between speed metal and black metal … I’ll tolerate it, but I turn it down.” (You may remember back in ’09 she told EW the same thing.)

Ryan Adams’ new self-titled LP is out 9/9 on Pax-Am/Blue Note. Norah Jones’ new LP with Puss n Boots, No Fools, No Fun, is out 7/15 on Blue Note. Seems like there might be a Blue Note exec on Core Club’s entertainment committee.

[Photo by Andrew Hinderaker/The Wall Street Journal.]