Paul McCartney – “Early Days” Video (Feat. Johnny Depp)

Someone needs to inform Johnny Depp that hanging out with ancient, beloved rock stars does not make you cool. Depp didn’t automatically become cool by getting Keith Richards cast in that one Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, and now that he’s shown up in three recent Paul McCartney videos, that doesn’t make him cool, either. Depp was already in McCartney’s videos for “My Valentine” and “Queenie Eye,” and now he’s in director Vincent Haycock’s video for “Early Days,” a song from McCartney’s 2013 album New. Depp’s role in the video is, to be fair, just a brief cameo. Mostly, the black-and-white clip follows the story of two young blues musicians in some idealized version of the midcentury South. Watch it below.

(via Rolling Stone)

New is out now on Hear Music.