Ka – “Still Heir” Video

Last year, the meditative Brooklyn rapper and producer Ka self-released the dark and absorbing The Night’s Gambit, one of last year’s best rap albums. This year, he followed it up with his 1200 B.C. EP, which isn’t even available digitally. If you wanted it, you had to mail-order the thing and wait for the CD to show up. Ka, then, naturally hasn’t done much promotion for it, but he’s finally made a video for one of its songs. “Still Heir” is the rare Ka song that Ka didn’t produce himself. Preservation produced it and also co-directed the video with Ka. The clip is atmospheric black-and-white noir, with Ka looking mythic against various New York backdrops. Watch it below.

(via Nah Right)

You can order 1200 B.C. from Ka’s website.

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