Blonde Redhead – “Dripping”

Blonde Redhead – “Dripping”

Last month, Blonde Redhead released the details of their forthcoming ninth album (and first in four years), Barragán, along with its first single, “No More Honey.” Today, the band has dropped a follow-up. The new song is called “Dripping,” and my mind keeps conjuring dumb puns to pair with that title — words like “honey” and “sweat” and “morphine.” But you know, that’s what this thing sounds like, too. Last week, I called the sublime new Tony Allen/Damon Albarn track “Go Back” a “languid, easy, sun-drenched thing that sounds especially great on a hot summer day like the one we’re currently experiencing in New York City,” and that description applies here, too. If I were compiling a July playlist I’d start with both these songs, and if I were able to keep up that vibe for another 45 or so minutes, I’d just throw the thing on continual loop for the rest of the month, and probably play it through most of August, too. And man, I swear, I wouldn’t mind this weather one bit. Listen.

(Via Noisey)

Barragán is out 9/2 via Kobalt.

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