Young Thug – “Lifestyle”

Atlanta screeching-cat rap space cadet Young Thug is one of the most exciting things happening in rap right now, and his Bloody Jay collab Black Portland is easily my favorite mixtape of 2014 thus far, but it’s been a while since he last released a solo mixtape. His last was 2013’s 1017 Thug, a deeply strange piece of work that still broke him through to a larger audience outside Atlanta. And so it’s great news that he’ll follow that one up shortly with 1017 Thug 2. The first mixtape track he’s shared is a choppy, inward, celebratory track called “Lifestyle,” on which Thug howls “get along, little doggy” through Auto-Tune a bunch of times, like that has even the slightest chance of becoming a rap catchphrase. It’s awesome. Listen to it below.

(via Nah Right)

1017 Thug 2 is apparently coming tomorrow. I can’t wait.

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