Download Spinee’s 64 Thousand Dollar Bombs Mix

One of the things I like most about PC Music-affiliated projects are how they eschew traditional definition. Nothing from the collective is really attached to anything; it’s all loose frays and scattered Soundcloud embeds — there’s no prolonged build-up to an album, no requisitely boring lyric videos. It’s all very post-internet and Tumblr chic and even talking about how formless the whole thing is gives it too much definition. Enter Spinee’s propulsive 16-minute mix 64 Thousand Dollar Bombs that she put together for Logo Magazine. Everything blends together and it never takes a second to breathe, moving through a ton of ideas at breakneck speed. Mixed in with its razor-sharp production are some inspired sampling choices, including a pitch-shifted version of Busta Rhymes’ “Dangerous” that improves on the original song tenfold. Spinee only has one other song to her name — the bubblegummy “Save Me” — but if this mix is any indication, we’ll be hearing more from her. Or maybe not. That’s what’s beautiful about PC Music: everything’s fleeting, everything’s a little mysterious, and nothing can be tied down. The project is based in an permanent impermanence. You can download the MP3 now and keep it forever, but what is an MP3 anyway? Just some bytes in the cloud. Listen to the mix below.