Watch Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers Telethon That Aired On Cable Access Last Night

Strange Desire, Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff’s debut album as Bleachers, is out today. Last night, without any prior promotion, the band aired a half-hour faux-telethon called Thank You Very Much on cable access TV stations in New York, Nashville, San Jose, and Albuquerque to promote the album. The conceit is that Antonoff’s telethon is raising money for a cause that nobody can quite identify and, in a Colbert-like twist, the guests are supposed to ask Antonoff the questions. Bleachers also plays some songs from the album, Antonoff covers Yaz’s “Only You,” and guest stars including George Wendt, Alia Shawkat, Mark Borchardt, and Steve Little pop up. There’s a vaguely The Eric Andre Show feel to it, although this is more deadpan than that. Watch below.

Strange Desire is out now on RCA.