Hodor Announces “Rave Of Thrones” DJ Tour

When we’re watching Game Of Thrones and Hodor, the gentle dimbulb giant who can only say his own name, comes onscreen, we all obviously think the same thing: I want to watch that guy spin house music. In reality, Kristian Nairn, the towering Northern Irish actor who plays Hodor, is also a fixture on Belfast’s club scene. And now, as The Guardian reports, he’s about to embark on a Game Of Thrones-themed DJ tour in Australia, where he promises to play “the deepest house in all the seven kingdoms.” Promoters promise “a range of surprise guests and garnishings,” whatever that means, and they’ve asked partygoers to wear fantasy-themed costumes. Also, midway through, they’ll lock the doors and cut everyone’s throats. (That last part is not actually true.) This entire idea is obviously ridiculous, but it also sounds fun as hell; I can imagine losing my shit when the house remix of “The Rains Of Castamere” comes on.