The Drums Encyclopedia Details

The Florida-born Brooklyn indie-pop stars the Drums released Portamento, their last album, three years ago — an eternity in the internet-based hype cycles that first brought the band to our attention. But the Drums have UK festival pedigree and serious songwriting chops, so odds are they’ll be fine. The band just announced the impending release of Encyclopedia, their third album, and they’ve already shared the nicely Pixies-esque first single and opening track “Magic Mountain.” Frontman Jonny Pierce says that the band was feeling “angry, alone, and confused” when they made the new album, and that they wanted to make something “honest.” Check out the new LP’s tracklist below.

01 “Magic Mountain”
02 “I Can’t Pretend”
03 “I Hope Times Doesn’t Change Him”
04 “Kiss Me Again”
05 “Let Me”
06 “Break My Heart”
07 “Face Of God”
08 “U.S. National Park”
09 “Deep In My Heart”
10 “Bell Laboratories”
11 “There Is Nothing Left”
12 “Wild Geese”
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Encyclopedia is out 9/23.

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