Los Angeles Police Department – “She Came Through (Again)”

Los Angeles Police Department first popped up on my radar earlier this year with the lo-fi punk earworm “Waste.” It’s the project of Los Angeles-based (makes sense) Ryan Pollie and he’s getting ready to release his self-titled debut album in the fall. “She Came Through (Again)” is our first taste from that album, which was recorded in his bedroom and mastered by Foxes In Fiction’s Warren Hildebrand. It’s amazing what the song accomplishes with so little, conveying more through atmosphere than its repetitive, bare-bones lyrics. You can feel the emotion in Pollie’s inflection and that can do more than words ever could. It’s a simultaneously comforting and gloomy track, heavy and light in all the right places. Listen below.

Los Angeles Police Department will be released on 9/5 and can be picked up on tape from Chill Mega Chill or on vinyl from Forged Artifacts.