Weird Al Earns First #1 With Mandatory Fun

The eight-videos-in-eight-days plan worked! “Weird Al” Yankovic has released more than a dozen albums, in a music career that’s lasted over 30 years, but none of those albums has hit #1 on the Billboard chart until this morning. Mandatory Fun, Yankovic’s latest, sold 104,700 copies in the past week, which is good enough to skate past Jason Mraz and land at the top of this week’s album charts. That’s a pretty astounding feat of cultural longevity for a man who was recording new wave parodies during the Carter Administration. The last comedy album to hit #1 was Allan Sherman’s My Son, The Nut in 1963. On Twitter this morning, Yankovic wrote, “If you’d told me 30 years ago this would happen, I never would’ve believed it. If you’d told me 2 WEEKS ago, I never would’ve believed it.” You can stream Mandatory Fun here.