Watch Ryan Adams Debut “Stay With Me” In His First Live Show Of 2014

Lately, Ryan Adams’s output has dwindled from “three albums a year” to the more conventional “one album every three years,” and his dip in productivity may have something to do with suffering from an inner-ear disorder called Ménière’s disease. In the new Rolling Stone, Adams describes the disease’s symptoms — “All of a sudden you start seeing double, and then my hand starts shaking, and then it’s like you’re in an elevator and the bottom just drops out” — and says that he’s been successfully treating it with medical marijuana and hypnotherapy. And now he’s getting ready to release his new self-titled album; we’ve already heard first single “Gimme Something Good.” On Tuesday night, Adams played his first show of the year in Portland, Maine, and he debuted the new album track “Stay With Me,” which is not a Sam Smith cover and which sounds like a particularly kickass piece of late-’80s studio-rock. (He also debuted a few more songs, but videos of those songs haven’t shown up online yet.) Below, watch fan-made video of him playing that song and the Heartbreaker classic “Come Pick Me Up,” and check out the show’s setlist.


01 “Gimme Something Good”
02 “Dirty Rain”
03 “Fix It”
04 “Do I Wait”
05 “Stay With Me”
06 “Political Scientist”
07 “Let It Ride”
08 “Oh My Sweet Carolina”
09 “Everybody Knows”
10 “Kim”
11 “Peaceful Valley”
12 “This House Is Not for Sale”
13 “Beautiful Sorta”
14 “Shadows”
15 “Two”
16 “When The Summer Ends”
17 “Change Your Mind”
18 “Am I Safe”
19 “Crossed Out Name”
20 “Come Pick Me Up”

Ryan Adams is out 9/9 on Pax-Am/Blue Note. Scott says it’s going to be the best Tom Petty album of the year, but he says it like the new Jenny Lewis album (which Adams produced) wasn’t right there, about to come out next week. (Tom Petty also has a new Tom Petty album coming out next week, but I think we can all agree that it won’t be the best Tom Petty album of the year.)

[Photo by Julia Brokaw]

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