Chance The Rapper Teases New Music In Video

Last year, the Chicago rap weirdo Chance The Rapper released his starmaking Acid Rap mixtape, one of the most important tapes in recent memory, and it seems like he might be ready to follow it up. A couple of months ago, Chance shared the new song “I Am Very Very Lonely,” and now he’s got a short video for the song, which he co-directed with Austin Vesely. The video, which shows dancers in silhouette grinding up against each other, ends with this cryptic message: “I’m Coming Over, August 3.” So: New mixtape? New song? We’ll find out soon enough. Check it out below.

(via Nah Right)

Based on the YouTube description, it’s possible that Chance is just teasing a live stream of his Lollapalooza set, but that seems too lame to even consider.