Newly Discovered Second LP From Mystery ’80s Artist Lewis Being Released

The story behind the reissue of Lewis’ 1983 album L’Amour adds to its mysterious appeal: A record collector discovers a beautiful and strange album from an enigmatic Canadian performer and no one has heard it before and no one can shed much light on who Lewis was (or is). L’Amour should have been a one-off, an oddity in the internet age. But another LP has surfaced on eBay and, right now, is going for over $1,700. Romantic Times is the 1985 followup to L’Amour and reveals a few more tantalizing clues about the artist behind the music. It was released under the name Lewis Baloue, which could possibly be his real name. It was recorded by Dan Lowe at Calgary’s Thunder Road studios, though when asked he said he “remembered little about the session other than that Lewis seemed to be ‘under the influence.'” There are only two known copies in existence: the one that is on eBay right now was found in the same Calgary store warehouse that the first one was and the one that Light In The Attic is remastering the release from was discovered by Vancouver record collector Kevin “Sipreano” Howes. The album is unmistakably the work of the man who penned L’Amour — the same chiseled jawline graces the cover of Romantic Times and the music has the same haunting, dreamlike quality. As with the first album, the label is promising to pay out royalties to anyone that could prove that they were Lewis. You can preorder a vinyl/CD or get the album digitally right now via Light In The Attic.

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