Air Release Vinyl-Only Museum Soundtrack

The music made by the long-running French duo Air always sounded like it was meant to soundtrack something — and often, it was soundtracking something. Now the duo has composed a series of ambient recordings inspired by artwork in the Palais De Beaux Arts De Lille. Music For Museum (in a nice reference to Eno’s ambient classic Music For Airports) will play on speakers in one section of the museum, and is specifically inspired by four contemporary artists showing work there now: Linda Bujoli, Mathias Kiss, Xavier Veilhan, and Yi Zhou. You can pick up the vinyl-only release here via The Vinyl Factory, and read the track list below.

Side A
01. “Land Me” (8.13)
02. “Reverse Bubble” (7.21)

Side B
03. “The Dream Of Yi” (5.27)
04. “Angel Palace” (10.42)

Side C
05. “Art Tatoo” (15.46)
06. “Vulcano Kiss” (10.43)

Side D
07. “Integration Desintegration” (8.42)
08. “Octogum” (4.50)
09. “North Cloud” (4.23)

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