Damon Albarn: Blur’s New Album Might Never Come Out Because It Was Too Hot Outside

Damon Albarn has long maintained a pastime of taunting his devoted fans (including our own Michael Nelson) by feeding them tantalizing news about new Blur music only to shelve it and release umpteen side projects instead. The latest instance of this phenomenon comes in a new interview. Albarn told NME that the long-rumored Blur comeback album, despite allegedly containing “some great songs,” will probably never come out because the band couldn’t finish it in one of Albarn’s preferred concentrated bursts. He goes so far as to say that the sessions weren’t productive because it was too hot outside! Here’s an excerpt:

There are about 15 songs we recorded in Hong Kong. The annoying thing is, if I’d been able to write the lyrics there and then about being there, we’d have finished the record. But sometimes, if you can’t do it all at once, it dissipates really and I don’t know what I’d sing about now with that record. There’s some great tunes on there, but it may just be one of those records that never comes out.

I’d do some more work on it. I like making records in short periods of time if I can. It was a different process with Everyday Robots because that was really thought out, but sometimes it’s great to get some amazing energy and do something in 10 days. There was too much commuting between where we were staying and where we were recording and it was a bit too hot. I think that’s why we didn’t get it finished.

Fuckin bloody hell! He’s toying with us! Read the full story at NME.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.]