Ariel Pink Explains Why He Got Maced By A Feminist On A Date At Robeks

In a Fox News appearance last September, Ariel Pink alluded to an incident in which he was maced but he didn’t elaborate. He finally tells all to Alexi Wasser in her YouTube show Alexi In Bed. “I got maced by a feminist,” Pink says straight into the camera. He goes on to tell an elaborate story about how he went home with someone who told him all her daddy issues and called him “a saggy Kurt Cobain.” The next morning, they went to a smoothie shop where the young woman (who is apparently in a cool band) “bitched [him] out in public” following some confusion about who was supposed to pay for the smoothie. After saying something to the effect of, “Shut your mouth, little girl, respect your elders and fucking get out of here,” Pink left the shop but was confronted again by the woman, who maced him and then broke his car’s windshield and rear-view mirrors, and scratched “asshole” into the side of it. It’s a crazy story and I’m not sure exactly what to believe, but it’s worth a watch below.

And here’s another more general interview with Pink, in which he explains what it’s like to be his girlfriend (it involves breakfast in bed) and gives some interesting advice to all the kids out there who are inspired by him (“turn gay”).