Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper – “Pony Blues” Video

Recently, guitarist Steve Gunn teamed with Mike Cooper — a legend of experimental music best known for his lap-steel guitar playing — to collaborate on the album Cantos de Lisboa, which is the 11th volume in the consistently great FRKWYS series. Now, in the music video for the song “Pony Blues,” director Champ Ensminger has crafted something very special. Recently finding a geographical similarity between the American South and his new home of Thailand, the clip is shot in the forests of the latter and it is simply one of the most visually stunning videos I’ve seen in a while. The classic blues song fits perfectly as the soundtrack to a haunting short-film version of a Thai ghost story. It follows a young man as he pursues a beautiful woman, but all is not as it seems, and the story moves toward an inevitable conclusion that should bring uneasy flashbacks to this year’s Under The Skin. Watch it below.

Cantos de Lisboa is out now via RVNG Intl.