Godflesh – “New Dark Ages”

The former Napalm Death member Justin K. Broadrick started making music with his band Godflesh in 1988, and that band’s slow, bruising, mechanized riff-trudges would change the landscape of heavy music throughout the ’90s, both on the metal and industrial sides. Godflesh broke up in 2002, with Broadrick going on to make music in many other guises, most notably the shoegazey emotional desolation of Jesu. But the band got back together for occasional live shows in 2009, and they released the impressive comback EP Decline & Fall earlier this summer. This fall, they’ll release their first studio album since 2001’s Hymns. It’s called A World Lit Only By Fire, which is such an awesome album title. And opening track “New Dark Ages” is a ferocious methodical pummel that can stand tall next to the band’s early work. Below, feel the pain of that song, and check out the new album’s tracklist.

01 “New Dark Ages”
02 “Deadend”
03 “Shut Me Down”
04 “Life Giver Life Taker”
05 “Obeyed”
06 “Curse Us All”
07 “Carrion”
08 “Imperator”
09 “Towers Of Emptiness”
10 “Forgive Our Fathers”

A World Lit Only By Fire is out 10/7 on the band’s own Avalanche Recordings.

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