Watch All 9 Wu-Tang Clan Members Reunite & Debut “Ron O’Neal” On The Daily Show

It’s almost impossible to get the nine surviving members of the Wu-Tang Clan in one room together, especially if that’s where they’re supposed to be. (I once saw a Wu-Tang festival set with four guys.) But on last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart somehow got everyone (Cappadonna included) to assemble on the set, getting them to sit for a long interview, in which they claim that the much-awaited new album A Better Tomorrow will be out in November. (I like Stewart’s aside about how they weren’t sure Ghostface would show up. Jon! I waited four hours at a video shoot for 10 minutes with that guy! Feel lucky that he’s even there!) They also took to the stage, debuting their new elegiac and horn-laced new single “Ron O’Neal,” named for the guy who played the lead role in Super Fly. Good song! Main takeaway: Whoo, that RZA verse. (Also, what does Method Man’s A$AP hoodie mean?) They stuck around to do the deathless Wu-Tang Forever classic “Triumph.” Watch the interview and the “Ron O’Neal” performance below.

“Ron O’Neal” was supposed to be up on iTunes right now, but surprise, it’s not there. Check back soon, I guess? Also, A Better Tomorrow in November? Maybe! You can watch non-bootleg versions of all that, plus the “Triumph” performance, at the Daily Show website.