Watch Christopher Owens Perform New Songs In An Acoustic Session For Subtv

Next month, the former Girls frontman Christopher Owens will release A New Testament, his second solo album. Over the last few months, he’s shared a few of its songs: “It Comes Back To You,” “Stephen,” “Nothing More Than Everything To Me.” Recently, Owens did a live-in-studio solo-acoustic session for Subtv, a British online TV thing. During that session, he played “Nothing More Than Everything To Me,” but he also played two new songs. One is the album’s closer, a heartsick breakup song called “I Just Can’t Live Without You (But I’m Still Alive).” The other was a short story-song called “Brian Deneke,” about a football player murdering a punk rock kid. The new songs are good, and they’re also a nice opportunity to see Owens’ florid fingerpicking guitar style up close. Watch all three performances below.

A New Testament is out 9/30 on Turnstile.