Watch A Pigtailed Young Thug Join T.I. & The Roots On The Tonight Show

First things first: Look at Young Thug. Look at him. He has his bleached pigtails done up in those Princess Leia buns. He is wearing the tightest clothes that any rapper has ever worn in public. He has a pink flag hanging out of his pants. The man is a street-rap star, and he is also the closest thing to a Ziggy Stardust figure that the rap underground has ever produced. We are so, so lucky to have him around. Last night on The Tonight Show, T.I. came on to do a medley of couple of his recent mid-level hits with the Roots backing him up. That’s all well and good. He’s a rap star, and that’s a thing that rap stars do. Tip did an Iggy Azalea-free “No Mediocre” and the Young Thug collab “About The Money.” But the whole energy changed when Young Thug got onstage, as it tends to do when that guy’s around. The video is worth watching just to hear Jimmy Fallon saying, “Hey Young Thug, how you doin’?” You can watch it below.

T.I.’s album Paperwork is coming sometime this fall on Columbia. Meanwhile, Young Thug has no album coming out, thanks to label fuckery, but he is changing the world.