Ibeyi – “River” Video

The two members of the duo Ibeyi are the French-Cuban twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Díaz, daugthers of the Cuban percussionist and Buena Vista Social Club member Anga Díaz. Together, they sing in English and Yoruba over skeletal, state-of-the-art electronic beats, and they just released their debut EP Oya. Their single “River” is essentially a gospel song sung over a sparse beat, and it is both awesome and otherworldly. The song’s video, from director Ed Morris, is one unbroken camera shot of muscular male hands holding the two sisters underwater, only letting them up to sing their parts. It looks like a baptism, but it also looks like a waterboarding. Check it out below.

The Oya EP is out now on XL.

Tags: Ed Morris, Ibeyi