Watch The Trailer For Fucked Up Frontman Damian Abraham’s Weed Documentary

Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham was proudly straight-edge for most of his adulthood, but a few years ago, he decided that the anti-anxiety medication he’d been taking wasn’t working for him, and he decided to try something else. In almost no time at all, Abraham (who is, full disclosure, my friend) became the biggest stoner I’ve ever met; see anecdotal evidence here. Up until very recently, Abraham hosted The Wedge, an alt-rock video show on the Canadian cable network MuchMusic. That show just got cancelled, but Abraham has been working on something else: A three-part documentary series about Canada’s booming medical-marijuana industry. Canadian Cannabis debuts next week on the Vice website, and you can watch a minute-long trailer below.

All this is already starting to happen in America, so get familiar.