Hell On Earth Discovered In Times Square Guitar Center

Times Square is its own special kind of hell and it recently got a little more nightmare-ish. A 28,000-square-foot “Guitar Center” opened on Thursday right in the heart of NYC’s #1 tourist destination. Now you can pick up your very own guitar right after you’re done getting your picture taken with Elmo or sitting down for a nice meal at Bubba Gump. And you can feel good about yourself for supporting some massive conglomerate instead of one of the struggling small music shops that are in NYC or around wherever you stumbled off the plane from. A Reddit user posted a video from inside and it sounds like a cacophony of demons made by bros who, like, just wanna rock out, man. When your crappy bar band “makes it,” totally make sure you give a little shoutout to the cool cats at Guitar Center for hooking you up real good. Take a peek inside below.