Vince Staples – “Blue Suede”

Earlier this year, the young California rapper Vince Staples released his Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 tape, one of the strongest mixtapes of the year. He has a loose Odd Future association and a fresh new Def Jam contract, and he seems primed to break out as a big star when he releases his Hell Can Wait album later this year. So I’m excited to report that “Blue Suede,” the first Hell Can Wait single, is a deeply weird piece of work, with Staples riding a synth-squeal so intense and disruptive that it sounds something like what might happen if DJ Mustard decided he wanted to make his own Nation Of Millions. The song goes, but it’s not afraid to disorient, and that’s great. Listen below.

(via Miss Info)

Hell Can Wait is supposedly coming this fall from Def Jam, and “Blue Suede” is out at iTunes now.