Raury – “Cigarette Song” Video

Raury’s video for “Cigarette Song” comes with a simple inscription: “everybody has an addiction.” He and his lady hang out at a lakeside in the woods, blazing trees while leaning on trees then pouring out a bunch of liquor burning their cabin down. Directed by Andrew Donoho and Carlon Ramong, it continues building a mythology around the 17-year-old mystic soul singer and self-proclaimed savior from East Atlanta, whose website is emblazoned with phrases like “This Is Not A Cult” and “Adventurers Can’t Be Lovers” and “We Are The Youth, We Are The Truth, Forever.” He reminds me of Frank Ocean with more acoustic guitars or Michael Jackson on a forest retreat. Raury will open Outkast’s string of homecoming shows next month, and his EP Indigo Child is out in a couple weeks. (There’s a countdown clock here to help you keep track.) See the “Cigarette Song” visuals below; while you’re at it, watch Raury’s previous video for “God’s Whisper,” which was directed by Donoho and written by Ramong.

Indigo Child is out 8/25.