Ryan Adams Spent $100k On Scrapped LP, Defends Lousy Oasis Album

Next month, Ryan Adams is set to drop his new self-titled album; he gave us his “Gimme Something Good” video, which awesomely stars Elvira, earlier today. But the album could’ve turned out very differently. As Adams tells NME, he recorded an earlier version of the album with the Led Zeppelin/Who/Eagles producer Glyn Johns, who he previously worked with on 2011’s great Ashes & Fire. In the process, he spent a mind-boggling $100,000. He scrapped the album. “It was slow, adult shit,” he says. “I’m just over that.”

In the same interview, he had some nice things to say about Be Here Now, the 1997 megabudget flop of an Oasis album, an LP that almost nobody liked. Adams is in the minority on this one: “I’m too old to care who likes my records. It’s all bullshit anyway. People make judgements about records, but the music is eternal. I like Be Here Now. I don’t even care if Noel Gallagher doesn’t like it, because you know what? I will take two bong hits and that record will blow my mind.”

Who else has a sudden urge to take two bong hits and throw on Be Here Now? All my people right here right now?

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