Watch Tomas Barfod And Nina K Perform “Busy Baby” On A Copenhagen Tennis Court (Stereogum Premiere)

One of the best songs on Tomas Barfod’s great Secretly Canadian debut Love Me is “Busy Baby,” one of many tracks on the album that demonstrate the Danish producer’s potent creative chemistry with singer Nina Kinert. (Barfod spoke about their fruitful partnership in our interview earlier this year.) “Busy Baby” will be the focus of Barfod’s new Beatport-only EP, which includes four remixes by the likes of DJ Tennis, Oliver Nelson, Beacon, and KANT. To mark the news of the new EP, Barfod and Kinert took to a Copenhagen tennis court (because DJ Tennis, see) to perform a spare, synth-powered version of “Busy Baby.” Like most things these two do together, it rules. Watch below.

Love Me is out now on Secretly Canadian, and the Beatport EP is out today exclusively through Beatport. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Busy Baby (Feat. Nina K) [DJ Tennis Remix]”
02 “Busy Baby (Feat. Nina K) [Oliver Nelson Remix]”
03 “Busy Baby (Feat. Nina K) [Beacon Remix]”
04 “Busy Baby (Feat. Nina K) [KANT Remix]”