Pharmakon – “Body Betrays Itself”

Last month, noise artist Margaret Chardiet, aka Pharmakon, announced the release of her sophomore LP, Bestial Burden, and today, she drops its first single, “Body Betrays Itself,” whose title sums up the album’s theme: the fear and confusion experienced by Chardiet when she was forced to cancel a tour due to the need for an immediate surgical procedure. In fact, along with the album’s announcement, Chardiet had released a statement about that experience, in which this song’s title sort of appears: “It was as though my body had betrayed me, acting as a separate entity from my consciousness.” And the song does indeed capture that terror and powerlessness. Listen.

(Via Pitchfork, where you can also read a really good interview with Chardiet.)

Bestial Burden is out 10/14 via Sacred Bones.

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