Aphex Twin 2014 Blimp Appears In London, Graffiti In NYC

UPDATE: New album SYRO announced.


Looks like Aphex Twin’s Richard James may finally be up to something: NME reports that a blimp has been spotted flying over London with “2014” on the side of it, with the Aphex Twin logo in place of the zero. If we don’t count Caustic Window, which was released earlier this year after a Kickstarter campaign, the last album James put out was 2001’s Drukqs. In 2010, he told AnOther magazine that he had six albums completed, but none have been released so far.

UPDATE: The Aphex Twin logo has also been spotted stenciled on the streets of Manhattan this weekend. Check out Instagrams from Chelsea and Midtown (outside Carnegie Hall) below.

UPDATE 2: The logo has now appeared as a “mysterious and miraculous jerk sauce apparition” on a dirty plate in a London Thai restaurant. It’s on eBay.

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