Harvest Says It Took Morrissey’s Album Off Digital Services At His Request

Earlier this month, after his new album World Peace Is None Of Your Business had only been out for a few weeks, Morrissey more or less went to war with Harvest, his label, first claiming he’d been dropped from the label and then writing an online screed about everything that, from Morrissey’s perspective, the label did wrong. That statement included an ominous, vaguely mysterious note: “I might be wrong, but I think World peace is none of your business will instantly disappear from iTunes and record stores and every download-upload-offload outlet on the planet, because Harvest technically have no right to sell it.” Sure enough, the album soon disappeared from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Rdio. But now Harvest is saying that it pulled the album at Moz’s request. So who the hell knows.

Billboard quotes “a source familiar with the situation,” who says, “Out of deference to his request they have reluctantly removed his album from all services.” Meanwhile, you should be able to find a physical copy of World Peace, though you could have to enter an actual record store to get your hands on it. Harvest pressed up 50,000 physical copies of the album for the U.S. market, but to date, they’ve only sold 15,000 CDs and 3,000 LPs.

In other, less contentious Morrissey news, the Ramones’ management has invited Morrissey to compile the tracklist for the forthcoming compilation Best Of The Ramones, which is coming soon on Sire/Rhino, as True To You announces. I only hope he put “Warthog” and “Needles And Pins” on there.