Stream Los Angeles Police Department’s Debut Album

When we named Ryan Pollie’s project Los Angeles Police Department a Band To Watch earlier this month, I had this to say about his debut album: “It’s built on regret, on making mistakes, or perhaps the even greater pain of not doing anything at all. There’s talk of caving too soon, of letting go, of biding time. It plays like a scabbed wound, gently picking away at every edge until the soft and tender skin underneath is the only thing left. It’s not without moments of levity — Pollie’s words are serious, but they’re never self-important.” Those words still stand, and Los Angeles Police Department is an album that only gets better with repeat listens, when you start to find little nooks and crannies to cozy up into that weren’t immediately apparent. You can now stream the album in full below, and make sure you read our interview with Pollie here.

Los Angeles Police Department is out 9/2. You can order it on vinyl through Forged Artifacts and on tape via ChillMegaChill.