Torn Hawk – “I’m Flexible”

Experimental guitarist Luke Wyatt aka Torn Hawk might get the award for most accurate song title of the week. “I’m Flexible,” the first single off his upcoming Let’s Cry And Do Push Ups At The Same Time, mangles synths, drum machines, and guitar playing in the same way he has through many releases, but here it hits with a muscular heaviness. It’s a beautiful piece of music filled with sounds that are grindingly abrasive. The dichotomy makes “I’m Flexible” a song that you can sit with and appreciate for all of its art, or simply enjoy the aural wonder. The best comparison from this year is probably Mark McGuire’s Album Of The Week Along The Way, but Wyatt covers much more ground. It conjures the same inward-looking space sounds of pre-Replica Oneohtrix Point Never, but with the a pure-pleasure electronica that reminds you how great that first Ratatat album was. This is around the time of the year when I expect the unexpected, a late in the season game changer that makes me reconsider what my favorite recent music is. That might have just happened. Listen to it below soundtracking one of Wyatt’s “visual mulch” constructions.

(via FADER)

Let’s Cry And Do Push Ups At The Same Time Track List:
01. “I’m Flexible”
02. “She Happens”
03. “Afterprom”
04. “Return To The Pec Deck”
05. “Acceptance Speech”
06. “Because Of M.A.S.K.”
07. “Under Wolf Rule”
08. “There Was A Time”

Let’s Cry And Do Push Ups At The Same Time is out 11/11 via Mexican Summer.

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