Foxygen – “Cosmic Vibrations”

Next month, Californian psych-rock sprites Foxygen return with their new album …And Star Power. First single “How Can You Really” didn’t exactly announce any grand departures from the band’s old sound, and neither did any of the new songs that the band has been playing live lately. But “Cosmic Vibrations,” the band’s new single, suggests that we could be looking at an MGMT-style deep-dive into absolute weirdness. “Cosmic Vibrations” switches back and forth between deep-psych bugouts and goony noise-splashes. The band debuted the song on Tim Heidecker’s Twitter, which further implies that we’ve got a weird-for-the-sake-of-being-weird situation on our hands here. Listen to the song below.

(via @timheidecker)

…And Star Power is out 10/14 on Jagjaguwar.

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