clipping. – “Inside Out” Video

One of the year’s most absorbing, memorable music videos is director Carlos Lopez Estrada’s whirling, expressionist clip for “Work Work,” a song from the L.A. noise-rap trio clipping. The new video for “Inside Out,” another track from clipping.’s abrasive and powerful new album CLPPNG, reunites the director and group, and it’s closer to the majesty of “Work Work” than it is to clipping.’s recent disturbing videos for “Body & Blood” and “Story 2.” In this one, we see an unbroken camera shot of a headless body staggering around a nighttime street corner. And every time another lyric comes up in the song, something that represents it pops up out of the neck hole. No description does this thing justice; it’s a goony and indelible and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny vision. Check it out below.

CLPPNG is out now on Sub Pop, and it is very good.