Mentally Prepare Yourself For Miley Cyrus’ Leonard Cohen Cover

If you’re one of the people enraged at the idea that the Flaming Lips have enlisted Miley Cyrus’ help in their efforts to cover the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, you may want to spend the next few months in suspended animation somewhere. Or you might have to just accept the idea that Miley’s Leonard Cohen phase is happening. Last night, in between photos of a jewelry-strewn bedspread, Cyrus posted an image of Cohen’s synthy, brooding 1988 album I’m Your Man, captioning it with the announcement “gonna cover dis shit.” It’s not clear if this is just a stoned musing or if she’s heading to the studio today, and it’s equally uncertain whether she means the entire album or just the title track. But this comes just a few days after Cyrus posted the cover of the same best-of collection that introduced me to Cohen. And given that she is a willful young lady, this is probably happening. (She also likes Bikini Kill. So there is a very real chance that Cyrus has better taste than you did when you were 21. Just saying.)