Bob Mould – “The War” Video

Last month, Bob Mould was a guest on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, and his lively conversation on that show drove home just how much this guy has done in his life. Zen Arcade! Copper Blue! The WCW writing stint! The Daily Show theme! When news of Joan Rivers’ death circulated, the clip of her interviewing Hüsker Dü showed up in my Twitter timeline over and over. Point is: Mould has had a full life, and we are blessed to still have him out there living in vans and burning down small-club stages. Mould’s new video for “The War,” from his recent solo album Beauty & Ruin, mostly shows Mould at work, doing just that, letting sweat bead on his glasses while he’s bellowing his heart out. It also has an unexpected cameo at the end; make of it what you will. 1991: The Year Punk Broke documentarian David Markey directed the video, and it’s below.

Beauty & Ruin is out now on Merge.