The New Ryan Adams Album Kills Parakeets, Turns People Into Zombies, Makes Great Soup

Ryan Adams has a new album out, and he is happy to let you know about it in conventional ways, such as the strong music video he made for first single “Gimme Something Good,” or like giving Stereogum an interview. But as a firm, devout believer in Goofy Shit, Adams also enjoys promotional approaches like this one: Calling up every famous person he can think of (except his wife) and getting them to appear in a goofy comedy skit about how the album is harmful to parakeets. In the video below, Adams shares the screen with comedy legend Garry Shandling, Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin, superproducer Don Was, punk rock deity Bob Mould, and probably a couple of other famous people I’m not cool enough to recognize. Watch it below.

UPDATE: Shandling and Garlin did a second video promoting the album, too — this one is a noir spoof in which Garlin claims Ryan Adams turns people into zombies.

UPDATE: Shandling and Garlin did a THIRD video promoting the album — in this one, Garlin shares with Shandling the revelation that the new Ryan Adams album somehow led to him enjoying some truly amazing soup. Soup! Watch:

Ryan Adams is out now 9/9 on Pax-Am/Blue Note. I don’t know why, but that full-band B-boy stance just kills me.