Disney Is Not Afraid Of Deadmau5

So much for pwning. First Disney moved to block Deadmau5 from trademarking his mouse head logo, which bears a certain resemblance to Mickey. Then the Canadian DJ, AKA Joel Zimmerman, responded by sending Disney a cease and desist order regarding a promotional video that he said used his song “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” without his permission and railed against the company on Twitter. Now here’s Disney’s latest volley: A company spokesman tells Billboard that they actually did properly license Zimmerman’s song and that they began investigating his logo six months ago. Here’s Disney’s statement:

The music was appropriately licensed, and there is no merit to his statement. Disney vigorously protects its trademark rights, and we oppose Mr. Zimmerman’s attempt to register a logo that is nearly identical to our trademarks for his commercial exploitation. Our opposition is not about the use of the Deadmau5 costume.

Your move, Mau5.

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